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Tape Casting Machines - Horizontal Drying Zone

Tape Casters H-Series

"High output tape casting on carrier films"





    • Suitable for green tape thicknesses from 5 to 500 microns (0.2 to 20 mils)
    • Automatic high accuracy gap setting control 
    • Different models avaliable

    • The CAM- H series of tape casters are our most advanced tape casting machines suitable for highest production demands.
    • Advanced drying regimes makes them very suitable for thick tape production.
    • Numerous temperature and air flow sensors are installed for process control. 
    • The automated continuous slurry dosage flows through a slotted die system with +/-10 micrometer (0.4 mils) slurry level height control on the casting box.
    • Fully automatic casting gap control, with auto zero calibration.
    • The process can be continuos monitored on a touch screen or an external PC.
    • Preset menus can be use to quickly start a new casting batch.


    A series of available options customize the casters to meet particular requirements, these includes (but are not limited to):


    • tape edge cutting different drying zones
    • dying zones extensions up to 20 m (66 ft) in 2 m (6.6 ft) steps possible
    • safety package for ex proof casing process
    • data link for external process monitoring
    • laser tape thickness measurements with tape marking
    • slurry filter cartridge

    Technical specifications

    Technical specification


    Casting speed

    0.1 -6 m/min (0.3-20 ft./min) adjustable

    Carrier tape width

    350 mm or 450 mm or 600 mm max. (12 or 18 or 24 inch max.)
    depends on version

    Casting width

    up to 200 mm max. (8 inch), or up to 380 (15 inch) or up to 500 mm
    max. (20 inch)

    Dry tape thickness

    5-500 microns (0.2-20 mils)

    Thickness accuracy

    +/- 1 micron (0.04 mils +(+/- 2 % of tape thickness))

    Carrier film thickness

    20 to 120 microns


    Adapted to slurry properties, glass windows in each drying section
    for dying observation

    Common drying regime

    First zone - low drying speed

    Second zone - drying with air re-circulation+ bottom heating

    Third zone - high speed final drying by air nozzles + bottom heating

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