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Printer Stacker & Inductor Maker



"High layer counts, large production volume"



  • “Print on stack ” technology
  • Superior stacking at high layer counts
  • High productivity = low cost per component
  • High printing accuracy, suitable for the smallest components
  • Uses carrier film tape and freestanding tapes
  • Perfect carrier film removal ensures high quality product

Screen Centering Device CD - 1

  • Compatible with Keko PAL-9 and P-200 screen printing system
  • Two cameras with display monitor for optimal screen centering
  • Pneumatically screen fixing

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Printer Stacker & Inductor Maker

Printing/pressing area

6x6 inch (8x8 inch)

Number of palettes

1-100 pieces

Palette transport

high-speed belt

Cycle time

min 5sec. (at 3sec. pressing time)


drag or diamond type with spread bar option

Squeegee speed

50-250mm/sec. or 2-10inches/sec.


automatic adjustment with 1micron or 1/25mil accuracy

Stacker press force

up to 350kNor 76,000Ib f(optionaly 440kN or 95,000lbf)

Stacker press

heated up to 120 C


circulating air heated up to 100°C

Clean air

tracks fully covered for clean room application


equipment complies with US and CE safety regulations


L: 3,63mm 143inch W: 1,44mm 57inch H: 2,2 mm 89inch)


approx. 2,200kg 4,800Ibs.)



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