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Punching Machines

PAM S-series

"Designed to punch holes in to green ceramic tapes "




PAM S-series punching machine, single pin punching tool type is designed to punch holes in to green ceramic tapes

Both types of sheets either carrier film tape or freestanding tape can be used.

Machine is designed for punching small to medium production volume with high flexibility.Up to four or up to eight different tools can be installed on the machine to punch four or eight different holes type.

Punching table is driven by high speed servo motors via high precision ball screws, with high resolution table position control.

A vacuum frame holds the sheet during punching. Individual punching units.

Several different punching units are available like:

  • single pin round,
  • grid type up to eight pins,
  • single pin square or rectangle type,
  • positioning holes punching unit.

Tape Handling

  1. Reel feeder to Magazine PAM-__RC
  2. Loading and unloading from Magazine to magazine PAM-__CC
  3. Manual individual sheets loading by operator PAM-__M

Technical specifications

Technical specification

Punching Machines

Punching speed

13holes/s in distance 1x1mm

Punching area

up to 225 x 225 mm max.;(9 x 9 inch

Tape thickness

up to 500microns (20 mils) (to be confirmed)

Mylar thickness

30 to 75 microns; (1.2 to 3 mils)

X,Y drive

high precision ball screw and AC servo motors

Positioning accuracy

+/- 5microns


manual on the machine or CAD file input (NcDrill or DXF)

Work (sheet) fixing

by vacuum, optional metal frames fixing

Carrier film thickness

20 to 75 microns (0.8 to 3 mils)

Punching pin exchange

less than 2minutes, no special alignment required



Pin breakage test

by camera and vision control (every hole, last hole)

Sheet alignment for re-punching:

by camera and punching coordinate calculation

Tape handling

Manual by operator,
Avtomatic magazine to magazine,
Automatic from roll to magazine


CE complian


depend on version app.
B=1.5 m
H=2.2 m


app. 2 kW (connection custom)

Compressed air:

0.6MPa, 200L/min


External vacuum source required
Optional vacuum pump can be supplied


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