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Screen Printing Printers

Automatic Screen Printing Printers

"Screen printing printers designed for diverse precise screen printing applications in electronic component production such as: LTCC, MLCC, Inductor, Diverse printing circuits, Hybrids, etc."




  • For more demanding applications
  • Automatic sheet handling, printing, drying process
  • Two models available to meet all customer requirements
  • Fully programmable printing parameters
  • Print/print, print/flood, flood/print, on contact print
  • Stencil printing via filling and screen cleaning printing
  • Extensive options for demanding advanced technology application

Available options:

  • Via filling
  • Stencil frame for stencil tensioning and quick fixing
  • Custom printing tables and substrate fixing
  • Cameras in printer + cross line software for easy alignment screen
  • Dryer options
  • Antistatic substrate cleaning before printing
  • Automatic paste supply
  • Not all possible options listed
  • For low viscosity pastes only
  • Trough hole printing

Technical specifications


Automatic Screen Printing Printers

Max. Printing area

210 x210 mm (8 x8 inch)

Squeegee speed

0-350 mm/s (0-14 inch/s)

Squeegee force

0-250 N (0-55 lbf)

Average accuracy

+/- 5microns (+/- 0.20 mil)

Standard screen size

450 x 450 x 25 mm

Max. Screen size

550 x 550 x 30 mm

Automatic vision alignment to fiducial

A model only

Quick screen registration

A model only

Touch screen an joystick table contro

A model only

Average cycle time print to print

12s print/flood mode

Magazine height

standard 50mm (2 inch)


Drier length

210 x210 mm (8 x8 inch)

Installed drying power

0-350 mm/s (0-14 inch/s)

Max. temperature

0-250 N (0-55 lbf)

Drying time

+/- 5microns (+/- 0.20 mil)

Dimensions and power requirements

App. Dimensions,Power consumption: 12 kW(LxBxH): 6100 x 1730 x 1820 mm
Compressed air: 0.6 MPa, 200 L/min
Vacuum: -0.08 MPa (0.02 MPa absolute), 300 L/min

(optionally air / vacuum exchangers can be installed)

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