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Slurry Preparation


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  • Roller benches are used in the production of ceramic electronic component for preparation of ceramic suspension.
  • Mixing of ceramic suspension is normally performed in plastic or porcelain jars driven by two rubber coated axis.
  • Distance between axis is adjustable to the different jars diameter.
  • Mills can be PLC controlled. Milling parameters can be stored as individual milling programs.
  • Milling speed and duration is adjustable.  
  • All movable parts are fully covered.   


  • Jar is suitable for milling up to 40kg of ceramics, depending on the specific weight.  
  • If the slurry preparation mill is designed for tumbling of chips the drums shall be made of metal, lined with rubber and filled with the corresponding abrasive material.
  • The drum rotation rate is adjustable in the way to provide the maximum cascade milling effect.


Technical specifications

Technical specification

BL-1 BL-3 BL-6 BL-8

Capacity of jars:(U.S. STONEWARE jar, size 3)

1 3 6 8

Length (mm/inch)

320/12.6 700/27.6 940/37 940/37

Width (mm/inch)

800/32 1600/63 1600/63 2100/83

Height (mm/inch)

220/8.7 1300/51.2 1900/75 1900/75

Jar diameter (mm/inch)

100-300/4-12 150-400/5.9 - 16 150-400/5.9 - 16 150-400/5.9 - 16

Number of levels

1 1 2 2

Max. Weight / level (kg/lb

40/88 150/330 150/330 200/440

Rotation speed

Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable

Terminal power (kW)

0.3 1.1 1.5 2.5

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