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Stacking machines - Sheet Stackers

Stacking machines ST-SERIES


"ST stacker Automatic high layer stacker production solution"




  • Automatically remove carrier film before stacking
  • Automatic sheet handling from cassettes
  • Carrier palettes automatic loading / unloading
  • Automatic vision alignment
  • High force pre-lamination press included
  • Suitable for high layer count stacks 

Technical specifications

Technical specifications


Number of foil cassettes

up to 8

Number of carrier blocks magazines

2 (one empty, one full)

Number of carrier blocks in magazine:

20 PCS

Stacking force

up to 80 kN


according to the customer requirements ST-6AVP app. 12 kW

Pre-laminating force

up to 200 kN

Stacking temperature

up to 80°C (180°C)

Pre- laminating temperature

up to 120 °C (250°F)

Typical cycle time

2 sec. (depends of stacking time)

Cavity option

compatible with Keko - Thermal lamination press TPR


PLC + PC vision

App. dimensions

depends of configuration
ST-6AVP: L: 2350 mm (128 inch)
W: 2520 mm (100 inch)
H: 2270 mm (90 inch)

Compressed air

0.6 MPa (90 PSI), 300 L/min.


-0.09 MPa (0.02 MPa absolute) 200 L/min.



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