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CTM-12 Taping Machine

"High productive and reliable design, designed for taping chip components of all sizes"



  • Taping chip components of all sizes, which can be taped in 8 and 12 mm tape width like 0603, 0805, 1206 , 1210, 2212, 2220 according to the IEC specification No 286 – 3.
  • Feeding system ensures loading of 20 components simultaneously in one cycle. 
  • Incorporated control sensors serve for the self-diagnostic of the machine, like 100 % control of chip presence in tape, and control of carrier and cover tape.
  • Tapes components from 0603 up to 2220
  • Quick set up time for different component dimension
  • Reliable, thanks simple design
  • Efficient, inserts 20 components to the tape at once 
  • Uses either 8 mm or 12 mm plastic carrier tape
  • Suitable for small to medium production volume where optimal flexibility is needed

Technical specifications

Technical specifications



up to 40.000 pcs / hour for 8 mm tape dimensions
up to 20.000 pcs / hour for 12 mm tape dimensions

Temperature of sealing head

adjustable ( max. 250 °C )

Machine sizes

Width: 1040 mm/41”
Depth: 700 mm/27”
Height: 1220 mm/48”
Weight: cca. 250 kg/550 lbs

Power requirements

electricity: 220 V , 50/ 60 Hz, 8 A
compressed air: 0.6Mpa, 100 l/min.



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