Printing & Stacking
Equipment for Production of Multilayer Based Components

Printer Stacker & Inductor Maker

"High layer counts, large production volume": PAL-9

  • “Print on stack ” technology
  • Superior stacking at high layer counts
  • High productivity = low cost per component
  • High printing accuracy, suitable for the smallest components
  • Uses carrier film tape and freestanding tapes
  • Perfect carrier film removal ensures high quality product
Printer Stacker & Inductor Maker PAL-9

Many options avaliable...

Printer Stacker & Inductor Maker PAL-98DPF
Printer Stacker & Inductor Maker PAL-96SPM

  TECHNICAL DATA please download Printing and stacking machine PAL-series



Screen Centering Device CD - 1

Printing and stacking machine PAL series Screen Centering Device CD - 1



  • Compatible with Keko PAL-9 and P-200 screen printing system
  • Two cameras with display monitor for optimal screen centering
  • Pneumatically screen fixing


The automatic multi-layer inductor maker

The automatic multi-layer inductor maker uses tape technology, with automatic removal of carrier films.

  • A patented system accurately positions punched sheets of tape and fills the vias on the stack.
  • The machine can automatically load and unload up to 156 blocks, which travel around on the carousel.
  • Sheets are picked up from the sheet reservoir, which contains sheets with guidance holes.
  • Dry tape gives superior stacking at high layer counts. Uses carrier-based tape technology, automatically removes carrier film
  • Positions punched sheets automatically, accurately.  
  • Fills vias using a long life metal stencil.
  • Special scraper technology ensures excellent via fill High productivity = low cost per component
  • Fast changing of screens assisted by a pneumatic system.
  • Vias are filled on the stack ensuring excellent electrical contact with underlying electric circuits. 
  • A metal stencil is placed with precision accuracy on top of the stack. The via fill paste is transferred into the vias by using a specially designed scraper.
  • After drying of the vias, the circuit can be printed on the tape surface. Screen changing on the FSP 12 is rapid and precise, due to a pneumatic system that fixes the screen to the printer. 

TECHNICAL DATA  please download FSP-12


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The automatic multi-layer inductor maker FSP-12

  • For inductors A-B shifting is done automatically.
  • A high-speed belt transporter results in a low cycle time.
  • As an option , a tape edge gluing device can be added to avoid any movement of the sheets during transportation between positioning and the press.
    If your applications require a new feature to be added onto the machine, we will design and build the machine to accommodate this feature, working closely with you to make sure your performance expectations are met.


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