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Tape Casting Machines - Horizontal Drying Zone

Compact Tape Casters C-Series


BASE MODEL: "Compact design, high accuracy tape casting on carrier films"

ADVANCED MODEL: "Fully automatic, full options with external process monitoring"



CAM-C25B2 Base Model
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Base Model

  • Suitable for green ceramic thicknesses from 5 to 150 microns (0.2 to 6 mils) 
  • Suitable for solvent based and water based systems
  • Automatic tracking of carrier foil
  • Compact size requiring minimum floor space
  • High accuracy in thickness control and stability
  • Slotted die slurry feeding to doctor blade
  • Advanced slurry dosage with micrometer level control
  • Stepper motor controlled high accuracy doctor blade  

The CAM- C tape casting machines are designed and built to meet the most stringent customer demands where compact design is required.  A need for higher automation levels, higher accuracy and compact design, led to this truly innovative casters.

The automated continuous slurry dosage flows through a slotted die system with +/-10 micrometer (0.4 mils) slurry level height control on the casting box.

Fully automatic casting gap control, with auto zero calibration. The process can be continuously monitored on the touch screen. Preset menus can be use to quickly start a new casting batch.

An auto tracking system assures a perfectly wound carrier and ceramic tape.

The system has numerous safety features that allow safe operation when utilizing flammable solvents. The counter flow filtered hot air dryer can be compartmentalized to fine-tune the exact conditions needed for high productivity of perfect tapes.


  • tape edge cutting different drying zones
  • dying zones extensions up to 20 m (66 ft) in 2 m (6.6 ft) steps possible
  • safety package for ex proof casing process
  • data link for external process monitoring
  • laser tape thickness measurements with tape marking
  • slurry filter cartridge

Advanced Model

In compare to base model, advanced model has following features:
  • All casting parameter are set through touch screen display (blade gap, temperatures, airflow etc.)  
  • All casting parameter (including blade gap) can be saved and called any time.
  • No any additional mechanical settings are needed.  

Following parameters can be set automatically:

  • temperatures in all casting zones
  • air inlet flow
  • tape winding torque and characteristic blade gap
  • casting speed

Additional features:

  • Air flow measuring and monitoring
  • Communication and software for off line casting process data acquisition.
  • All heating can be control over touch screen
  • Possible to install laser tape thickness measuring unit.


Technical specifications

Technical specification

Compact Tape Casters C-Series

Casting speed

0.1 -6 m/min (0.3-20 ft./min) adjustable

Carrier tape width

250 mm or 350 max. (10 or 14 inch max.)
depends on version

Casting width

up to 200 mm max. (8 inch), or up to 300 max. (12 inch)

Dry tape thickness

5-150 microns (0.2-6 mils)

Thickness accuracy

+/- 1 micron (0.04 mils)

Carrier film thickness

20 to 75 microns


5 individual bottom heating plates, top side filtered air adjustable from room temperature to 120 degr. Max.

Slurry feeding

automatic by air or Nitrogen pressure

Slurry vessel

25L (6.6gal)

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