Chip tester CS-10
Equipment for Production of Multilayer Based Components

Chip Tester CS-10

"Chip tester CS-10 for Automatic Testing and Sorting of Chip Components"

 Chip Tester CS-10  
  • Chips are tested individually in the rotary carrier plate with a sliding contact and sorted according to preset parameters.
  • Chips are binned into 10 bins and 1 bin for untested plus out of range chips.
  • Chips are transported by the rotary test plate to the test position where they are probed.
  • Depending on the options used, the machine can have up to 5 measuring probes. 
  • The automatic chips feeding is provided by the bulk feeder. 
  • It is also possible to preset number of chips in a bin. 
  • Fewer moving parts of the machine ensure

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  • , reliable operation and long life time of the machine.

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