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Tape Casting Machines - Horizontal Drying Zone

Laboratory Tape Casters L-Series

"Designed to cast slurries in labs or small scale productions"



Tape casting machine CAM-L252TB
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  • Casting gap is manually adjustable by micrometer screws.
  • Carrier film is unwounded from a roll with adjustable torque control, which determines carrier tape tension.
  • High precision doctor blade and granite bottom ensures high precision casting down to 10 micrometers.
  • Slurry level in a fully covered Teflon casting box is determined by height of inlet slurry tube.
  • Amount of fresh air and exhausted air is adjustable by flappers.
  • Optionally: hot air inlet and/or bottom plate heating for more efficient drying.

Technical specifications

Technical specification

Laboratory Tape Casters L-Series

Casting speed

0.1-3 m/min

Carrier tape width

250mm max. (10inch)

Casting width

up to 220mm max. (8inch), depends oncasting box width

Blade gap setting

0to 5 mm range

Drying section length

from 2 up to 4m, available in 1m steps

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