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Automatic Green Tape Blanker

SC - series

"Automatically blanks the sheets from a roll of green tape... "



Automatic Green Tape Blanker SC - Series
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The sheets are suitable to be used on our Tape Punching Machine, Printing and Stacking machines.


  • Suitable for freestanding or Mylar based tapes
  • Trims sheet edges
  • Punch registration holes
  • Sorts blanked sheets to a magazine
  • Sorts blanked sheets based on thickness deviation
  • Elimination electrostatic electricity
  • Optical inspection software - Sorting sheets according to their quality
  • Custom design

Technical specifications

Technical specification

Automatic Green Tape Blanker


Up to 20 cuts/min.

Carrier tape width

250 mm or 450 mm max. (10 or 14 inch max.) depends of version

Cutting width

160, 250 mm or 350 mm max. (10 or 14 inch max.)

Cutting length

160, 250 mm or 350 mm max. (10 or 14 inch max.)
Two cutting types in length direction possible
Lateral cutting -only ceramic is cut to desired width

Blades and tools materia

Blade, punch, die made of carbide

Roll outside diameter

350 mm max. (14inch)


CE complian

Available Options**

Cutting Tape edges

Second zone - drying with air re-circulation+ bottom heating

Third zone - high speed final drying by air nozzles + bottom heating



** Options and other requirements have to be specified separately.

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