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Tape Casting Machines - Horizontal Drying Zone

Steel Belt Tape Casting Machines S-Series

Fully stabilized steel belt in combination with automatic feeding of suspensions and winding of tape


Tape casting machine CAM-S305
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  • The CAM S-series of tape casters are designed for low cost ceramic tape production.
  • The S-series tape casting machines are mainly used to produce dry tape thicknesses from 15 to 200 microns (0.6 to 8 mils).
  • The automated continuous slurry dosage flows through a slotted die system with ±10 micrometer (0.4 mils) slurry level height control on the casting box.
  • The casting gap is set using micrometer screws and displayed on 2 digital measuring gauges
  • A tape casting machine suitable for green ceramic thicknesses from 15 - 200 microns (0.6 to 8 mils)
  • Fully stabilized steel belt in combination with automatic feeding of suspensions
  • Suitable for solvent-basedand water based systems
  • Closed loop slurry supply and level control
  • No-contact thickness gauge for improved quality control (optional)
  • Micrometer controlled high accuracy doctor blade

Avaliable options:

  • ceramic tape edge cutting
  • more and longer dying zones
  • slurry filter cartridge
  • 50 L slurry vessel


Technical specifications

Technical specification

Steel Belt Tape Casting Machines S-Series

Casting speed

0.3 -3 m/min (1-10 ft./min) adjustable

Belt width:

300mm or 600mm (12 or 23 inch max.) depends on version

Casting width

up to 220mm (9inch), or up to 450mm max. (18inch)

Dry tape thickness

15-200 microns (0.6-8 mils)

Thickness accuracy

+/- 2 micron (0.08 mils)


2 bottom heating zone, 1 top heating zone ( filtered air adjustable from room temperature to 80 degr. C max.)

Slurry feeding

automatic by air or Nitrogen pressure

Slurry vessel

25L (6.6gal)

Belt speed

controlled by frequency exchanger, belt tension adjustable by air pressure, tracking mechanism with edge sensor for belt tracking

Dryer construction:

stainless steel


CE compliant


Depends on version

Required connections

According to customer requirements; Compressed air: 0.6MPa, up to 100L/min

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