Piezo Injection
Equipment for Production of Multilayer Based Components

Piezo injection with piezo injectors greater improve fuel-efficiency

Piezo injectors in diesel and gasoline engines greater improve fuel-efficiency, combustion and exhaust gas after-treatment.
High-pressure multiple fuel injections in precisely metered dosages and in correct spray shape is the primary focus of diesel engine manufacturers for the development of cleaner, quieter and fuel-efficient diesel engines.
Nowadays piezo injection is gradually replacing the solenoid injection.
Piezo ceramic crystals generated a potential difference across the opposite faces as a result of application of mechanical stress between these faces.
The electric polarization produced is proportional to the stress, and the direction of the polarization reverses if the stress changes from compression to tension.
This effect is also reversible.
If the opposite faces of the crystal are subjected to a potential difference, the crystal lattice changes within a few milliseconds resulting in expansion or contraction giving a change of shape, thus producing enormous force for actuating a valve by physical contact and elastic coupling.
Solenoid is a magnetic technology and is based on a force that arises at a distance.
Piezo actuators can be designed to replace any solenoid but they always come out bulkier. On the other hand, they take much less power to operate. With the discovery of new piezoelectric ceramics, the designers can actually tailor the material for a definite purpose. The greatest advantage of is the speed compared to solenoid valves.
Multiple injections are designed to produce clean and efficient combustion without a steep pressure rise, which results in quieter operation